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How to choose a main keyword

On the problem of choices the main keywords, there is a principle in the first place, select the main keywords will not be too extreme. Specifically, the keyword is too long maybe no one searches, searches are very few. As with keyword is too broad, too much competition, SEO is difficult, bringing the directional flow. Of course I was directed towards the commercial intention of the product, marketing, pure flow stations are not going to care about this. No search volume of keywords, so the first page, nor how much traffic the natural, how do we order is possible. Such words such as long tail keywords, not as a website's main keyword.
and too broad a keyword, such as: mobile phones, computers, clothing, Web sites, and so on, competition, high costs, poor. If you want to do a website for website building business, look at Baidu PPC is 10, you can understand how difficult competition. And if you add regional words, such as Chengdu website, difficult to reduce, competitive advertising is also very small, this I am sure this domain name for themselves at the same time decide the direction of the Forum. Because local customers search for a lead conversion rate is very high. Traffic from even smaller several times, but you pay for the costs and benefits of price performance advantage.
searched many times but there is little competition keywords, but not very easy to dig, dig out also not suitable as primary key. These words bad positioning, you can be treated as second-class keyword, through various SEO keyword tools to dig, and optimization. Primary key should be a higher starting point.
of a few commonsense points you should not forget, keywords must be Web site content relevance. Words that are not relevant, do Home more difficult, brings traffic cannot be converted, if you are selected for pure flow the keywords OK, but you'll have search engine unfriendly and punished at any time, for users, user experience, then there will be no return rate. Keywords like this I often waste our bandwidth and server traffic, do not last long.
to choose the main keywords, we are often competitors websites analyzed, Google keyword tool, SEO tools, Baidu index and then get lots of long tail keywords. To determine the other columns of the secondary keywords. So there is a question, a Web site on the whole, reasonable layout of keywords should be like? how come true? that have a certain keyword strategy.
website keywords article there are many SEO keywords I first saw Cardiff station layout article, later also read analysis of Zac on the layout of keywords in SEO practice password. They are considered the most suitable keywords arrangement the pyramid, there is no doubt that people in the SEO industry are recognized. Each site like then to analyze, to execute it?
after you determine the site's core keywords, we proceed to the keyword expansion, through the above said a variety of keyword tools and competitor site analysis. This batch of secondary or higher level of key words often have dozens of the hundreds of, we'll have to do the distribution. Lot of SEO or webmaster are prone to make mistakes now problem is, all words are piling up in the Home, through Home to optimize for, do no keyword anchor text inside and outside of the chain are Home. This is very bad.
remove the core keywords, but we the remaining keywords grouped by relevance, so that you can understand what sets the channel column will contain what keywords, then the classification of these keywords in the competitive heat. At Home there is no doubt that placed our core keywords, and also the largest word. Then place the secondary target, these keywords have a certain amount of heat, so set to column Home keywords. Then put fewer keywords searched, and will put them into the next level in the directory, or even a content page to optimize it.
, keyword level together. More lower level keyword more searches are smaller, with updates of the content page, the bottom of the long tail keywords will be more and more. Keyword optimization is at the bottom of upper-level keywords to optimize results. As time went on, SEO optimization, and weight lifting effect for the entire website will surprise you, as long as you perform, and keep working on it, just a matter of time. Be patient, persevere, succeed, there is hope. BACK

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