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If Web site operators to find reason for failure to start all over again

Do websites is a business, entrepreneurs are not always successful, the bitterness of failure, the joy of harvest, for every webmaster with deep feeling. Success, of course, proud, frustrated not down in the dumps. Is critical to know the why, where is the reason. Fell over and need to know is you walk the wrong way or road has a problem. All worried and frustrated State is not desirable. Lessons learned from success, lessons in failure. Of course, first of all to clarify the prerequisites for a successful Web site and positioning. Today on website construction of several key where and everyone discussion;
a, website positioning no does
in webmaster circle in operation a station has is a is common has, enterprise to network company flickers has on do has a Enterprise station, one years within didn't help to himself brings returns, cost with income may is 95:5 's, why they cannot using website brings returns, because they on network not understand more don't said positioning like. Because I also worked in the networking company before, know about this more. But we are positioned to consider those factors it? the first target group, the so-called target groups are the ages and needs of your users, and so on, what kind of a website dedicated to users. Second income officers will come from those who are students or the community. The third direction, you need to consider your can do it on the project, difficulties are not so big, and so on. A lack of positioning Web site, often thinking about profit problems in operation, site development issues, Web site content, and so on. Problems so that you can increase the workload and pressure, so we do first you need a good Web site positioning.
b deficiency is not the technology but the user experience
now wants to be a webmaster not as troublesome as before, now the Internet community with a variety of free and open source programs. Does not require high technology, so our focus should not be placed in the center of gravity technology, user experience with art, and should be featured as a focus. Have mentioned before a review Web site operators to post the user experience and how user experience, which mentioned a beauty to look at why men be few? as you have a beautiful website they would have a few more, will also stay another minute. There is a feature, you should think about how to do a peer in a unique, improve their competition advantages.
third, the lack of promotion
these two problems solved the third component to the promotion, and we all know that outside the chain, outside the chain, optimization, promotion, and so on the operation. As referred to in the previous paragraph do not now need a high level of technical content. Used to be 5 people vying for a Word, but may now be 100 or 1000 people the word competition. After maybe 100 million may also, but we are all 80-90 webmasters, don't have so much money invested to Baidu. Can only do SEO optimization, optimization is a combination within the chain, chain layout, publicity, Word process, want us to pull out of the lazy bar, strengthen enforcement can do. If you are a lazy webmaster, nor rich webmasters would like to do is highly unlikely.
four, funding does not guarantee
in fact, in our small webmaster or talk about financial issues. But owners still have to play the "calculation" webmaster. According to Lin Haoming understanding, some webmasters love space selected month, see if you can work, if you don't got the count. Our 1-year space 1G domestic double line better is 300~400 Yuan, we purchased a year for at least a year would worry about site because no renewals will not open. So my advise is to buy a year of space to make a stand, how can you say you do a success is not so fast, 3 weights included, problem solving is also good. So we as a responsible webmaster not to play "calculation".
v, team fighting weak
station is fighting, so many people in China. All walks of life stood there, also said that each site has competitors. In order to strengthen their effectiveness and we want to set up your own team, saying the strength of the team is strong. As you broke all of a sudden, a chopstick, the 10-20 with chopsticks you can't bite technology bite very hard. Plus we are not omnipotent, there this is their weakest point, perhaps you are good at art, perhaps you are good at planning, perhaps you are good at soft paper, and so on. Start your own out team can reduce your workload, better stand dedicated to the best users.
above are typical causes of Web site operation failed, perhaps some owners felt it inconsiderate, no matter if your station is a small station cannot also ignore these points. Ignore your site there will be imperfections exist. But I believe this article can help webmasters. BACK

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