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Looking after your website rankings in the spring of the reasons for the decline

First, no insisted original articles of released
yiqian daily early 7:00-9:00 Zhijian certainly will has a article or two article original articles released, Baidu spider has habits has this time points to grab fresh content, on like a people habit has habits as, but suddenly one day missing has fresh things to, he may will still update snapshot, but on the station of trust degrees has has has subtle of changes, and had has days still so, Baidu spider on think not has fresh content has, So his number will be reduced to once a day before, now has the potential to once a week or even a month, this is the effect of original articles on Baidu spider.
Second, not to continue publishing
SEO has two priorities, is a chain is a original, external links to Baidu spider's influence is also evident. As we all know, external links will be further reduced as time goes by, if not fresh, high quality external links supplement spiders greatly reduces your chances of entering the site from the outside. Festival all day long soak in a few days ' boozing and ', and what external links, set aside a long time ago, Baidu spiders thrown in to your website.
third, website of access flow significantly reduced
new year during, everyone are immersed in thick of years taste in, especially website construction this industry, basic no people to care, also no customer to looking for, so caused has good days no access volume of results, in Baidu ranking in the access volume also will accounted for to must of share, access volume of reduced also let Baidu on the station of weight reduced has, this is a natural phenomenon.
three points above determines the rank of the website would greatly reduce, significantly delay the time of the snapshot, but for those who use the Chinese new year this time fully to promote the site, results will be very strong again today after the Zibo website the word search and found lots of sites not previously seen rushed to the first page, and ranked highly. This is verified in a Word, doing SEO for your perseverance.
Web site, the site, it is a battlefield without smoke, you don't attack occupying positions occupied by others. Your competitors can easily gain an edge. You relax, when will take a month to make up for it. If volume is small, but also easy to restore, if clients that find back your losses. Good work! Friends insist is the hard truth. BACK

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