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Real estate website or as a career development

Habitat to their houses, Bird Habitat to its nest in the current era of the competition is so fierce, without a stable home, no footing in the community and for a living and business? So, building a real estate class website is a very sunny. However, as a career development Web site is not an easy task.
now, the Internet can be said to be quite fierce competition, personally think that webmaster if you really want to do as a career to do it, you can try to form teams to do local portal, portal of the most lucrative and of course several local real estate network and the local network. Want to do it, not too many other factors to consider, never considering the fierce competition is not fierce, they can do it, you will be able to do. Today I was in my own local real estate Web sites, for example, to share with you how to make real estate network.
a, procedures for site selection program
real estate site personally recommend using faux live guests, main page is fresher and then clear, structure reasonable, very conducive to optimizing the user experience is quite good. Of course there are shortcomings. Less like advertising (to collect fees for profit), too many calls, there is not much to add text.
program is chosen according to your actual needs scaffolding sector, such as housing, rental, residential, housing, and so on. My site is mainly built of second-hand housing, rental, residential, broker, map to find accommodation for five large pieces.
ER, website keyword analysis of
people search words used are different everywhere, so we must first analyze the target keyword. Mainly through Baidu index query, and then view the competitor's choice. Combined with the actual situation of his team, of course, choose the target keywords is the best. Basically place + real estate network, + secondary rooms, local + rental. In addition to local + real estate network requires a Home to do, other classification can be used for both Home to do it.
long tail real estate network is divided into the following broad categories.
1, key word: community name, community name + rental, community name + second-hand
by 1000 a community calculation, has has 3,000 a long tail has, time and technology relationship I temporarily only do has 500 a community
actual operation: each community are established Community introduced page, community + rental, community + second-hand through calls and community about of information to achieved. Everyone can reference I of Community arrangements 2, key word: place town name + second-hand, place town name + rental
by each place 20 a town calculation, and can produced 40 a around long tail
actual operation: in second-hand and rental of select conditions inside added town of name
3, other of property key word is nothing more than is various conditions of combination, like Kunshan ZhangPu 2 million of House,.
set some conditions, more spider's entrance on the one hand, on the one hand and for more long tail.
III, the site's content
there is no content on the Web is no way to survive, in any case, we want to make your site fit it better. Real estate network, mainly within the page information page. Information posted is the individual or agency. Website started early, of course, is impossible to achieve good traffic, so we need to place some ads on the other portals. Not for thousands and thousands of people come to come here, have a 2, 300 people move about, your website is not dead. Individuals made use of the following means only for reference!
1, gathering its own local real estate updates fast site, is collected. Although many people may not share acquisition, but initial information I have no thing. Through the acquisition of small amounts every day, sites get full.
2, above advertising, budget a 1000 a month or so, do some promotion in their own local portal.
3, hire a service, ask them to call local real estate agent, tell them that you post the information here is free, at least six months will not charge. (This practice works well)
4, if the customer able to endure hardship, made her half a day calling, half-day introduction to color print made by the real estate agent. Generally a road always has a lot of intermediaries. One place a break.
5, open industry news section, add several quality articles every day. And calls to Home and some inside pages, drive update, speed up collection.
four, some of the key to successful real estate websites
after a period of hard, the site will get better and have a good ranking. But there are some points we must bear in mind.
1, solve the problems included
real estate network information website, so the information is huge. But to get enough long-tail traffic, pages full of the collected issues must be resolved. Page how to be fully included in the
? view new station under the influence of weight, only by reducing the page to Home click to achieve. New station in principle all pages to Home click on no more than 5 times. Of course, this will be difficult to achieve. Here we talk about how to do this.
<1> increase in house conditions, such as by region, by type, phonetically. One is to increase the entrance of the spider to ensure full collection. Second, reduce the information under each category. Inside pages to Home distance.
<2> achieve by modifying the page. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0 to 1,2,3,4,5,10,20,30,40,50,60,70,80,90,100 the original. In this way, a condition if it is not more than 1000 records, Home of distance can be controlled within 5. If each of the conditions exceeds 1000 messages, you can add a row to solve. This is what I learned about Zac's book learn to. I temporary phases of Kunshan real estate network basic full, so it does not take into account of this page.
2, control the flow of good flow
weight is of considerable significance, by controlling the flow of weights, to tell search engines the overall framework structure of the site, as well as the relevance and status of each page and other pages. Speak generally, is to position vast pages on every page in the site.
Home the most important, then a category Home, second-hand House Home, rental Home, residential Home, is within the page.
here there is a link to the problem. A category Home all links to site Home, all point to a page inside categories Home and site Home.
links to mainly realized by the navigation. For example, a ' second-hand information page, then his navigation is Home > housing > > secondary pages are rental/> Home > rental > regions >
the housing rental page, rent levels, respectively category Home hyperlink.
this problem, due to technical problems, we have not changed, resulting in a classification Home can't be included. Of course we can use such a category Home Exchange links to increase the weight of these pages.
3, internal link building
through technology, I was all set to anchor text all of the community names, as long as the community's name appears in the page, it will automatically link to the community presentations page. Of course, when a page appear more than once, only one anchor text. This method is very useful. Our website while the weight is not high, but because of the good within the chain, Baidu so many community names we had in the first. Other internal linking techniques, I will not speak. But tell you one important point here. Appropriate to do some powerful links, not only to improve the user experience, but without any effect on the page weight. Learn this is Zac, but do things conducive to users, it's always good.
4, sustained chain and link-building
you are a lot stronger than me, take a look at my links, almost all of Baidu and Baidu. General structure of the chain is using 5 Baidu know 10 account for IP day do Baidu chain, Baidu day upload 10 PDF eBook linked to this Web site, and then do some Forum and blog links outside the chain. Obviously, I the chain really is bad, also hope that this article is talking about the truth of a friend gave me a link, I would also like to thank the.
I know I shouldn't say Baidu knows, because a lot of people say Baidu own product, easily lead into the sandbox, or down the right. This issue different views it! my practice is, my site from the beginning up to now have been punished not because of this issue. Perhaps luck.
of the problem are probably over, details we can exchange. Site will be easy to find a good agent, this is a very key factor, Oh!
other preferred domain, 404 pages and other technical issues, I'm not here, I believe we are better than I do. My technology is so bad, I may be able to give you some inspiration. BACK

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