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To websites profitable must be three close

Many big portals increase sales on the Internet is also very good. But there are also many owners do not understand the concept of improving sales, traffic and conversion rates relatively stable situations, using sales to overall profits increase at almost zero cost, three aspects, this paper describes the concept and application of sales for everyone.
first, when sales: obviously, sales are already sold on the basis of the upsell to customers, so users have their wallets when we can take to improve sales strategies, customer site has confidence at this time because, if you give the merchant a good reason, so many customers did not mind to buy a better product or service. If we wants to buy a refrigerator, elected good prepared purchase Shi, salesman often will to you recommended imports of or double door of, even with TV of refrigerator, they will to many reason, like more style, yihou has child will has enough space put food and so on, let you feel they said of has truth, just price your has is on more out has so more function, so on purchase has. On the Internet, too, is 500 Yuan, but usually will spend 700 or more, this is the role of sales strategy.
Second, the webmaster should take the form of: sales on the Web site using the more common tactic "upgrade", "bundle content", "sales support" and so on. Upgrade policy I believe we all understand, such as the refrigerator example above, software upgrades, computer hardware related, are "upgrades" policy areas. Everyday consumable products, the use of "bundle plus" approach is the best option. Like socks, 10 a dozen, when the user can choose to buy tips 15 two 20 instead of three, then the user will be carefully considered, even without it's not bad now, let alone have such cheap opportunities, many are conveniently comes with. But for webmasters, and total profits will increase, the site is nothing more than a set of procedure, only this. "Sales of secondary products" used more widely, such as customers bought dolls, then we can sale for baby clothes, wigs and shoes and so on, generally will have a good effect.
III, to learn enough is enough: no matter what enough is enough, or often achieve the opposite result. Although Internet sales can bring additional profit to the owners, but must be used correctly, stop any time, any product that forces users to consume, this will only allow users to generate exclusion, disgust, after all, the user is only interested in buying decisions at this time, if you allow customers to produce this kind of reverse psychology, then the customer may close the page. So not only does not sell products, but also a cost to attract customers away, therefore, must stop. In a natural way so that customers are willing to buy, website great service and make them feel.
as the saying goes: "a gentleman makes money in a proper way." Obtained profit is not visible wealth left, not terrible! Too often a loss. What has been said above, but from a macro-to describe a few basic marketing essentials, more specific methods, also want to see your products, skills and integrity. This article is as valuable, are for reference only.

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