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Viral marketing six patterns

The tools we use can also promote websites and viral marketing, website promotion of breakthrough for our personal site has played a significant role, and the viral marketing power temporarily in a great deal of authority, what to think of it, what is viral marketing?
here we usually through viral marketing we distinguish between a virus spread sales information in the form of objectives known as viral marketing. Webmaster community know the distribution of audio is to use the network name. Publicity, and became a popular form, head of operations, reduce the burden on a lot, also with a lot of value.
and on the: sick toxicity marketing of six a mode:
1, and released user compared interesting of articles or pictures online free run of software, often will see many jokes or story with many of links form, also has large some humor of pictures, enjoy himself in which of happy, dang user see information, disturb user of interest inspired effective power, take a links of form also on up to has click role. If you have interest or value, it may be shared.
2, to provide users to download free eBooks articles contain a lot of valuable content or clip art for Internet users. Promotions products business information of eBook download
3, and sent electronic cards, free electronic cards with with a article message, from photos, best is with with voice, combined advertising information, get message cards of people view experience, blessing in the see card Shang of advertising information of process is a marketing form
4, and map better to made steering, he can put personal of problem, for forward to you of friends, to company success launched virus type marketing, access during, daily with hundreds of IP Is quite normal.
5, Flash animations, free downloads, advertising information will be added to the humor and funny effects or video, free online communication, there certainly Internet users love and enjoy communicating with each other. You know, KFC regular paper coupons will be issued
6, send free electronic coupons, such as KFC is actually their Web site also provides Internet users, to the KFC Web site log coupons print online coupons, you can use coupons, get over discount e-coupons sent more easily than traditional paper coupons.
summary of Baidu, China's largest search engine, but how many people know how to use, but Baidu is using viral marketing, clever use of course can beat search engine traffic video viral marketing. It is also possible, here, you see the power of viral marketing.
marketing viral marketing must focus on three points:
1, advertising is mainly the use of human or physical action begins, on the Web, so we must take a positive advertising.
2, keyword advertising, through the publication of advertisement information, we should include the role of keyword for keyword.
3, we contribute to the achievement of objectives is generally oriented crowd.
virus type marketing, not only can better of promote user psychological, caught user by needed, solution user by seeking, can reasonable of sales products, is considered normal of marketing form, regardless of is SEO marketing, blog marketing, virus type marketing and so on, anyway has flow also on has marketing of exists, network people will constantly of development out more has value of marketing information, and now Internet of resources can said is public of, but practice can said not for everyone of above is virus type marketing of form just personal views, If there are errors please point them out. BACK

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