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You've never come into contact with the chain of practices

Fresh chain practice 1: use Baidu Hoho to do outside the chain, many people may never have heard of this method, first explained, Baidu Hoho QQ space equivalent of saying. Byte limit, but can send Web site, and included fast, hair day included, stable effect weight would not have said, Baidu's own product without the weight low.
fresh chain practice 2: company name and address, classified information outside the chain, let me explain, this approach and the usual publication information outside the chain of practices are very different, usually we classified information when the chain is attached a link in the presentation of product. And today on of this method is in registered account of when will Web site wrote to company of name behind or address behind, is put Web site added in they both one of of behind, such do of reasons is classification information website most will has a new user recommended column or related company introduced column, so, Web site will has large opportunities show in other page, basic show how many times, outside chain increased how many a.
fresh chain practice 3: use of the Forum nickname to do outside the chain of high quality. This method is do outside chain of great approach, seems hard, actually very simple, hard of reasons is registered account of when Forum are not allows nickname appeared Web site or special character, and avoid this mark actually and is simple, now 90% of Forum are support QQ registered or micro-Bo registered, just to will QQ or micro-Bo of nickname modified into himself of Web site, then in forum for registered, you will surprised of found, you of Web site is you of account name, began to posted replies's. This method is better than Web site directly inside the post OK, will not be brought to admin attention would not delete.
fresh chain practice 4: clever second-level domain name links in the posts. Do SEO, Forum has more irrigation and small people, so most of the Forum website, simply is not allowed in the content of posts and any URL or special characters did not miss even a signature, and as a result, in these forums you want to do outside the chain is harder than marry sister feng. Good idea, just http protocol Web site removed, second-level domain name addresses directly affixed to the end of the post with a slash in the middle. Success rate of 99%.

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