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Agile ideas to make money online, no way

As a webmaster, how in the Internet Ocean, caught some small fish and shrimps from here n a long time ago to share experiences on the first day and decided to study with like-minded friends, again today with my personal true story to new friends share some individual owners new way to make money.
case: Festival sold cakes small earned a pen
two years yiqian I cock into has webmaster ranks, because a article "cake bird do plant network easily earning 2000 Yuan" of soft paper, himself do has first a website, is currently main operation of a website: Weifang plant network, believes many friends see had this article soft paper, although has good years of old post has, but in behind forum often was put in Home "harm", but I personal currently also no achieved earning 2000, Even earning 1000 are difficult, may is I too stupid has, but I know others reselling plant network program is earning 2000 has, I also know because this article articles to many people painting has a better of dream, but because heaven not off pie, himself and not efforts, to last are burst has, victims has many people, I wants to told novice webmaster friends are, soft paper although is beautiful, but said of not full is really of, webmaster industry water is deep Ah, real operation a place website is is difficult of.
I am in the course of operating this website, because site familiar to a food factory boss, he is very young, while the network is also interested in, and later became friends, often to discuss some ideas for the development of the local network. 2009 of when he let I help he do has a they company of page, they company also has website, but network company not to permission, need modified what things is to charges of, so let I do has a simple of page, can in Baidu in the easy found to on line, on hanging in has I of plant online has, at is to mid-Autumn Festival sold cakes, so do of keywords is cakes buy like of, didn't long keywords ranking Shang has Baidu of Home, until 2010 Festival Eve I are didn't too care this thing.
2010 Festival Qian of two months, I to they company to play, he said let I help with run run cakes, way earned points pocket money, sold to on royalty, sold not out even finished, I on in learning improve himself run business capacity of idea first promised has, at I of situation is, I dry family decoration, sometimes has live dry, sometimes didn't live dry, received not up of words will free with, at said as long as has empty on to run run sold sold try, I changed their company to that page for the my phone, and cakes samples pictures this year and prices go up, this time ranking in Baidu is still very good.
probably is in Festival Qian half months of when, this days just rain, I received has a engineering company of phone, is advisory cakes of, received finished phone Hou, afternoon I on to company to with samples to has that engineering company, to has there understand to they has advisory has several cakes company, but price compared your, and I friends of cakes quality is good for supermarket of, and price also low, on such this single on won has, set has not to 100 box in the high-end gift cakes, this company is Festival visited customer with of , That made the first single.
Everyone certainly care can earned how many money, cakes this things profit is high, more high-end of profit more high, as specific how many profit on not said has, anyway this a single won to I royalty not to 1000 block, at I returned to friends of company Hou, a Manager to I is out I the took how many of when, at really of eat has a surprised, from this yihou until Festival, I that enthusiasm on mention up has, nothing took with samples in outside run units, big factory big company took down, can took small factory small company, Moon cake by is this thing cut, no matter how small the company sold 10 boxes in accordance with low-grade gift box also earned a 20 Yuan, this thing is.
many small and medium factory or company in Festival Qian half months this during ordered cakes of up, know Festival day I also in sent cakes does, from online I on received has nearly 20 single business, these main is through online search sold cakes of information to of, because itself key word is by Qian, so on pulled to has these business, at also has a important of reasons is affordable, this is most important of a factors, if price too high words also sold not out, And I in my workshop Festival factory cakes buy ads online, which is a counterpart of.
but on in Festival day began, I and see key word ranking, found has many national of sold cakes of website optimization has key word are row to has front to has, but cakes ordered also end has, this is is glad of a thing, now I of page ranking directly didn't shadow has, but on in these days of process in the I every day see ranking, observation to on cakes buy of ranking key word has many page are in fluctuations, main is some national nature of website this during optimization of reasons, But locals buy moon cakes, will purchase some local supply next year, doubling the time I will continue to do this thing.
recognize local website of situation
many of novice webmaster in consider do local website, because network "big old" are also said do local website is future of trend, following mixed of Webmaster are on a tied into has local website of consider among, in select project Shang hesitated long long, except consider also is consider, are think local website is feasible of, but is heart not practical, such consider of webmaster many many.
I first recognized local sites been doing station selectable by individual owners, including past, present and future, but what we see hear is not necessarily completely correct.
network big old are said classification information future years will development to how how, they is took venture capital of, burn money of, they as said is brand marketing, we personal webmaster cannot followed fun, also has is some veteran network are said local website is personal webmaster worth consider of direction, such is easy promoted behind of industry chain development, domain name, and space, and program, and promotion and so on. Final beneficiaries are, we must consider very carefully, do not blindly follow.
I of thinking
now netizens on Internet has is recognized has, except entertainment zhiwai, they on information of new cable are is recognized of, has what problem Internet Baidu about, has into has habits, we webmaster can provides content, provides information, provides platform, if relies on traditional of advertising as profit points words, said local website money difficult of webmaster is nothing more than is ideal is full, but actually lack waiting for we of platform was place netizens recognized known of patience, The length of the process depends primarily on the owners of the Web site operators and local network environment.
as long as website do of has value, can for General netizens provides has value of things, we himself now to do of is using we himself of platform self-reliance, simple lift a real example: a friends original do has a local second-hand computer website, was is wants to pulled points advertising, but last not worked, because fool are know I can free released why to paid does? later forced of didn't approach, himself Lane has several Taiwan second-hand computer in himself of website Shang hanging advertising, Later developed into a selling used computers, and Oh, actually making money is a mindset change.
personally, I run a local Web site for two years, others say local sites is difficult, that I really realized, someone else's approval process is very difficult, we persisted for nearly three years, I had accumulated a little customer, my sincere services, this little customer word of mouth, slowly expand my client base, I am very pleased. Because experienced ups and downs, I cherish have now, more like the Internet, wants to give up a few times, but ultimately it is inseparable from the line. I of place station group new members: Weifang used cars network although others has do, but as long as I think has capacity do of can over he, than he better, I on will efforts to towards, mentality for earned not to money of personal webmaster for is important, regardless of do do has will seriously of treats, I will continues to share some earned money of experience, reproduced please retained Web site, respect intellectual property, last left a sentence, grassroots webmaster, into is I, defeated is I, happy life! " Not pleased, not sad. "Normal state of mind, contentment!

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