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How to use Dede makes local repair Portal

Recently, I use the Dede less than two weeks time, creating a local repair network portal, first Sun Web site, if you think the site is fine, then you can read, if they feel bad, ask advice is given. I think Dede do local repair Portal is the most appropriate. Reasons has following points: 1) Dede of articles released function very powerful, and a local decoration portal website natural ultimately large released decoration articles; 2) local decoration portal website certainly have has introduced local of decoration company channel, and Dede of Enterprise Library channel just meet has this is, through Enterprise Library this channel you can gently pine pine of playing caused a local of decoration company yellow pages channel; 3) as a local decoration portal website, decoration tender this function is essential of. Here it is necessary to use Dede classified information this function, Dede's own classified information model can be easily converted into a renovation tender, so that when you issue a tender information, you only need to publish classified information that each line has to fill out the form. Exactly how to do it? Go and see it.
1, imitation.
first of all have to find a good repair nets used to imitate, of course, if you have a very good art skills, can be our own development, for our writing Rookie, nature can only imitate. After several days of investigation, basic decoration net up locked in Fuzhou. The site is amazing, first of all, the page design is that it was very atmospheric, portal is the most suitable for local decoration, additional features are also designed to be good. Destination site found, the next step is analysis of the source code.
2, local building websites.
then log on Dede's official website, download latest Dede. Remember, this procedure must be backed up more than once, because after you publish your Web site to the space when using a new procedure. Here, I recommend using the software to set up a Web site to run EasyPHP environment, this software is very comfortable.
3, Web site and filling the article.
I strongly recommend, after you set up a Web site, don't rush to a design template, but Dede's published articles in the system. Of course you can target copy site settings in the my site section. When you design your own item when the next step is to publish an article, and this article can go to reprint. At least each of the columns you want to add more than 8 papers will only start to do templates.
, design templates, there are enough articles throughout the site can hold up the entire page, you will be able to meet the target website design template. This process is very hard, but it is important not to lose heart, not to be too harsh, the first website built up again, the first design template will always be flawed.
5, modify column articles
the channel it is certainly no problem. Difficulties mainly in Enterprise Library and renovation of tender on two columns. Do Enterprise Library, is local of decoration Enterprise yellow pages channel Shi, first is modified channel model in the of linkage category management, will inside of industry, and and area replaced into you himself of wants to of content; decoration tender this column have spent points Kung Fu, first is found channel model in the of content model management, in zhihou found classification information this model, then added "address, and community name, and room type, and area" these field. Not much, what don't know, add me as a friend QQ44454117. If you want this Web template friend Dede decoration also can contact me. How do
, via a few steps above a local decorating portal was built up, Oh, happy. But don't forget, website easy to maintain Web sites, promotional websites more difficult. A decoration NET propaganda on the Internet enough, more to do offline publicity. Anyway, to learn a lot of promotions, online activities, thematic, throw money at advertising, BTL activities, cooperation with other media exposure, website, website SEO, use combinations, use information transaction, enabling Word of mouth, a local professional home improvement, decorating Web site brand.

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