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New year new look 2011 website profits

1, exclusive supply, B2C independence Mall Web site
exclusive supply is critical, you can reap the maximum profit and this is the key to success. If you have the right to independent sales of a product, the product regardless of quality or effect is good, then you can get him to make a pen, you can do so for a long time. For example: now some weight loss products or health care products, many of which are branded product, change the packaging, online find a second home, hazy as consumer price of this product, it may cost a few dollars, hundreds of Yuan in sales prices, so a lot of money.
2, a Web site to sell sold his
technology in my opinion is the most profitable, because this is almost 0 cost we simply gorgeous packaging technology (text + image + video, etc), as long as the customer needs, technology so you can easily sell. Selling snacks such as the Internet technology, speculate in technologies, techniques to make money. Well, play to your strengths, to find technology and packaging, packaging or duplicating someone else's technology.
3, local communities and industry websites make money
This is most webmasters to be able to think and its type of websites to make money one way, according to your local advantage, choose one to do, as I am in Qingdao, Qingdao tourism is very good, that I can do a travel portal, in Qingdao to promote some of the travel agencies, scenic spots. Industry websites have a belief, that's what we want to do the best local industry Web site, because the industry is certainly not the only one doing, many people may be better than you were also eyeing early, so we must be independent pieces, make their own characteristics, so as to more money in the local industry websites.
4, done on mobile Internet industry website
to ask now who do not have cell phones? everyone has a mobile phone, I'm afraid. Therefore, mobile Internet users will grow even more rapidly in the coming years. Especially the launch of 3G, 4G, and mobile phone tariff cut, Internet users will soon be transferred from the computer to the phone. Website for mobile phone users should be the focus of grass-roots owners to make money. Such as: mobile banking, mobile online shopping and mobile phone downloads mobile phone Web site will be the owners of station of choice.
5, be personal branding do training through the website
This is the website of a long-term profit plan, if you have the skills, you can teach a man to fish, so might as well make a website or blog and do personal brand awareness, brand is formed, then recruit students on the Internet. The popularity of the network, allow traditional offline training to online training, online training, time, place, consuming more reasonable, more free. Now some of the most common make money online, AdSense SEO training is a lot of money.
6, using SEO techniques website sells station
station almost know something about SEO, but SEO techniques are often used in the Web site table, extended thoughts, we can make a long-term site for investment. For example: at present, tens of thousands of SMEs in China, but 80% SME network marketing or brand image of the network, awareness is not strong when they attached importance to this work has been difficult to keep up with the pace, want to compete hard on the opponent is more difficult, companies are short of money to buy station station, so long as they meet the network to quickly bring benefit to them is the best. Therefore, we can choose an industry or a product to make a site, and then we implemented SEO techniques optimization, optimization and targeted directly to companies selling again.
above, summarizes the six station construction methods to make money, hoping to give the grass-roots owners 2011 bring new ideas and thoughts, of course, Web sites there are many ways to make money, judging from the present trend of network development, is I think at least a few methods to do a website to make money today are important considerations.

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