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Optimization site teaches you how to write the soft article false original

There is a saying: "Kung-Fu high is not high, how you steal it." Soft original artifacts that stealing is stealing, as the name suggests is to put an article for further processing so that it was an original article by search engine that is.
How to do that original artifacts of an article? Original artifacts of the first step is to read other people's articles. We do not think that original artifacts is very shameful Oh,? write a essay of original artifacts is also takes a bit of technical content, just a bit commercial. Advertising softened euphemistically adding articles, so as to increase weight. First you need to understand the object needs to be softened, merchandise, write false premise the key role is to understand the nature of this product, can clear thinking, know how to write down, for example, extend to the effectiveness of commodity, or a brand story, it's some mystical elements can be added to the article. For example, the addition of this product other than its original function, there are other effects, give readers a sense of mystery, make your article not so hidebound stiff. All tips in favour of readers interested read on.
in addition, write a good original key and a, is to look for related information. Search the Internet 2-3 and their related articles, sentences that can be applied to stay, into documents, structure, order, modify the paragraph of the article, or articles interspersed with, or end of the first paragraph of self-creation. To emphasize here is that the smoothness of the article. For a novice who had just started to write the soft article article sentence fluency is crucial, such as punctuation, typos were screwup is not allowed. If you can't even do the most basic, how are you going to write original works.
followed in the article into their own products, be sure to bring your site's keywords, link to your site in the appropriate words, so easy to search one's own article.
Finally, you have to read your article. Not silently in my heart, but read the audio, so that you know which sentences are not fluent, needed assistance, to complete full text, to the extreme. Writing articles, posting to the Web site is also a very important step. Looking for activity is high, more well-known website, so that your article will be seen by thousands of readers.
just above the content, must pay attention on the tip, search engine is an exquisite living, so not only will do more thinking, giving top priority to quickly improve and progress.

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