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Several key issues affecting Web site contains instability

1, and encountered website content repeat
repeat content is most easy led to whole station of weight not stability of situation, as to avoid this class of situation occurred, content not only involved to repeat sex, more important is whole station content of met degrees, in writing content of when must to note website title and title Zhijian of met degrees and content pseudo original whether reasonable, just as to avoid and other website of content each other collision, more to consider whole site in the content Zhijian of related degree, certainly by refers to of is content of related degree, Must have a flexible hold.
2, and encountered site in the high value articles less
search engine algorithm regardless of is how of adjustment, so has is always not variable, that is always is around with user do adjustment, search engine including each a times of algorithm update and adjustment are without user do bedding, so user wants to of is search engine by pursuit of, nonsense said has a big heap, most main of is to search engine provides has value of content, let search engine not think you this site just some collection of content, No more readable, so we must avoid, we can think about it this way we stand for? are not users, search engines in order to what?, or a user, so we only work with search engine optimization, and search engine with our users.
3, and encountered whole station inside died links too more
died links too more will serious effect website of overall weight, may short-term are not too too obviously, but this is everyone must don't too too negligence, zhiqian I service of several company of site in died links Shang on eat has too big of lost has, hope everyone to avoid spider in crawling Shi 404 state code of exists.
4, the address of the search engine spiders crawl too little too little crawling
address, which cannot be discharged, for FLSH or is the site mostly consists of pictures, no URL links, breadcrumbs, search engines can crawl through the external links some of the information.
5, broken links
links for Baidu instability often encountered, especially the dynamic site there, clearly at Home in the title is the title, but when click on the great changes have taken place since, opportunity does not have any relevance.
6, and server maintenance
Server maintenance why will effect search engine of included stability? not know everyone in established site of when have encountered had this class of situation, is daily night to has morning server operators will for once maintenance or is heavy kai, so this when often may is so several 10 minutes, but often this when search engine spider cannot on you of site for climbed to, and if daily are is everyone wants to wants to, this like late effect directly led to k station.

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