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2009 China e-commerce trading rules as a whole, China is in a period of rapid development of electronic commerce, and 2013 is expected to reach 12.7 trillion yuan. That is in the future of the e-commerce industry almost doubled 4 years 4 times. In this fast-growing Internet, SMEs how to open up the road to Internet marketing? Should do a road to comply with network marketing website? This is what we will discuss in this article.
, many SMEs have consciousness as a site, but how many of them do not pay attention to, even the Web site has no idea of what to do. Are examples of this around me, a friend told me to give him a website, I asked him what information to provide to me, he said no, he said it was tea, just give him or imitating a can. I sent a few days just to make him a. A year later, I found his website and now average less than 2 day visit. He paid 1000 bucks, does that visits every day, still on the card has a Web site, let the customer know he has a Web site. No matter to which he lost. So SMEs how to do site?
first of all, enterprises need to know why you're doing websites? The purpose of is to do a website; every business because of the different target client groups, doing most of the site is designed to be the same. Summarizing, the Enterprise website has 2 purposes, one is to showcase corporate image, and promotion of company products and increase the amount of orders. Not easy for some of the products sold on the Internet business, will be more focused on corporate image display, main page, elegant, relatively small considering the influence of search engine on the Web site. For product sales business easily via the Internet, you should increase the order as the Center, is consistent with the search engine optimization of a site, reducing the use of Flash,js, also in appearance comes at a price.
enterprises to know what websites will show to visitors? This enterprise according to its own characteristics, tidy will show to visitors. Each website will show: company profile, contact details, product introductions, industry news or company news, job a few columns. According to the different nature of the enterprise might have honor, culture, marketing, membership system, download, join the process, other news and information. Enterprises are doing prior to this part of the site is clear, and make this part of the information. Lay the Foundation for a better website. In order to do this, enterprises in the process of sorting the content you want to browse a lot of peers or similar sites, absorbing its advantages. Mode of operation is, through the search engine search for a trade name or company name, and then to analyze the search results and record, record the content of each site, and general structure of the site.
third, the preliminary framework of the site, including color selection, layout of the structure. With these elements, enterprises can initial the site architecture, although this step can be done to Web design firms, but I suggest that the main thing was done by the enterprises themselves, as Web design companies do not know better than corporate users. In the process, to the nature and visitors have a certain understanding of the product.
Finally, finishing on site requirements. The requirements of this part, finishing on interface design and search engine optimization requirements, such as whether the site requires a static, directory of the URL structure for content pages in the search engine optimization requirements and so on.
IV, design Web site. Enterprises in this process to find a Web design company or individual, individuals can be cheaper, but the service is bad, if you do not know, may not find one. So I suggest find a good Web design company.
Finally, the complete website design. This major review of the site, check that you comply with corporate requirements, testing the site features, if there are any errors and whether it meets the requirements. This step marks the enterprise Web site built upon the confirmation. Next, add content on your Web site. If a Web site designed by professional companies, adding content can be referred to them. And preferably before signing the contract with them, so as not to cause trouble.
to complete the process, the site can be launched. But Web site to launch the front must have a domain name, domain name choice is very important, is to show the company's brand. Domain names also have an impact on Internet marketing, easy to remember domain name can cost savings promotion. The choice of domain name can be named with the company name, of course, choose a domain name before you can begin to do the website began, because the site must be filed in the country now, so domain name must be applied in advance, and do a record, pending completion of website development can be successful online. (The record company business license must be prepared, corporate ID, 800*600 monochrome background photos, and check the information a copy of IDC company; individuals do not require a business license) maintenance and update of the late
, site maintenance can avoid being hacked on a regular basis, but also to ensure the normal operation of the site. Website update is an indispensable means of search engine optimization and more online orders. Build your Web site after Web site has to be maintained and updated on a regular basis.

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