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The difference between commercial and personal Web sites

We look at an example to reflect business ideas:
websites in the ALEXA 50,000 when taking into account more how do flow more, say 10,000, and then to make some advertising revenue. To make more money. (Certainly also including may get investment or acquisition, but currently personal of focus most also is wants to how earned points advertising fee)
has begun to station in do ALEXA 50,000 bit of when, consider to of more is how processing good commercial mode, in side big while, side attract investors of concern, introduced funds to put website do listed, let website has more big of profit, to achieved investment returns maximize.
Note: no, operation is a combination of two different ideas and different goals operation. Following detailed analysis
Hui-Jian said: commercial Web sites and personal Web site so some
the difference between the first, personal site usually individuals with ideals and sense of satisfaction as the starting point, is entirely managing personal interest. Maybe build a tomorrow, 10, the day after we all switched off. Commercial sites are in accordance with the investor's intentions, following rules that commercial Internet projects, there is a strict code of investment control, and everything has to follow the rules of business operation.
Second, commercial sites are basically a substantial investment in, usually with investors other than the founder, operators must take commercial responsibility for investor input. Personal Web sites are generally less input, so it is not like commercial sites as big as the economic risk. And usually multiple roles, and responsibility, no commercial contract risk.
third, the personal Web site are usually simple, single function. Commercial sites are often site complex, features and more. Commercial sites must take on more risk.
IV, personal site is in accordance with their own intention, in accordance with their own preferences and aspirations to operate Internet projects. Its characteristic is the site usually invest less, although an intention to profit, but not as strongly as commercial Web sites. Business website cannot profit means failure, individual profit can still adhere to for a long time.
v, small personal websites due to its flexible characteristics, for example, feel free to move to other areas or overseas Web sites, Office just moved home can, or even illegal problem you can even run. But commercial site is different, a business site relocation is not easy, for example, you moved to Shanghai to visit Beijing.
we can easily find the commercial core of the site is: big, complicated operations and responsibilities.
in response to these, we talk about the law of commercial websites do
first, to operate commercial Web sites must follow strict business rules, the business must have a sound legal procedures, such as personal Web sites regardless of the copyright issue, and commercial sites should be taken seriously, as must also set up a company, to acquire appropriate operating qualifications, or illegal. Once they are identified, will enable investors to invest Peregrine.
Second, commercial website must assume greater operational risks, such as a problem with personal sites can pat on the butt out, commercial sites will face greater costs. In fact on the Internet above, regular company website problems result in customer loss is much less than the personal website. This way for commercial Web sites must be in areas such as technology, services have higher requirements.
third, commercial Web sites must deal with the various aspects of the relationship, because of extensive development of commercial Web sites there is a clear intention must in many aspects such as social impact, for example in the community and government relations, community and Government understanding, you can avoid a lot of trouble, or even extinction. Currently, for example, "harmonious" wind down, a large number of personal sites were closed, but take a look at, there are several commercial website was closed? Why, because they complete execution of a commercial website, or all aspects of the relationship in place, the Department will go to his Web site.
commercial Web sites must also continue to expand its influence in business circles, such as effects on investors, so you can get more investment in the future. We can see, most of the good business development Web site has a department specializing in investor relations, responsible for matters relating to finance. But in areas such as promotion and other places must be in place.
are summarized as follows:
personal site you can toss in operation, may be resort to various means, but commercial Web sites must follow, robust, and, with appropriate means to reap greater benefits.
in this case, the input input of commercial Web sites and personal sites and operations focusing on essential differences. In other words "the ways and places to spend money in very different ways, and things to do are very different."
a can be turned off at any time leave the website and tried to implement a sites of different kinds of business models.

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