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Website snapshot of meaning and effect

When we look at the weight of a Web site will often notice that there are two places, one site's PR value, another point to note is the site of the snapshot. I believe I said you all know, higher the PR value of site, the snapshot date closer to the current time, the higher the weight of this site. The originality of the content of the site, as well as within the chain, chain-building has a direct impact on the PR of the site, and snapshots. Website is a snapshot here today.
website snapshots as a simple indicator that displays dates is a search engine for your site update time. If you open the search engine to search your own website, see the snapshot date was yesterday, this means that search engine updates your site yesterday. If you view the snapshot date search engine every day is yesterday, which means your site is very welcomed by the search engines, search engine spiders often to eat, even if you don't update content, search engines will still perform simple updates.
you may find a lot of snapshots of the Web site is not the next day, their snapshot date not updated for a long time, some even backwards, this is directly related to the contents of these websites and links. Website content of original degrees and update of frequency on snapshot effect maximum, if you website update of content are is collection or copy online repeat has qianbianwan again of articles, spider to Shi see are is eat to greasy of things, it also will eat did? and or you website one months are not update once, spider each to are to starving, it also will often to did? website of outside chain although snapshot effect is unlikely to, but also up must of role, because spider is through outside chain came to we website, outside chain more more, attract Spider to of opportunities more big, Snapshot nature more frequently. The chain and the content of the site, snapshot of the site without worry.
search engine adjusting algorithm, sometimes a major adjustment will cause a lot of problems with website snapshots, then we should put mentality, the status quo, website snapshot is only an indicator, not our objective, usually how do we still have to stick to it, will certainly get a good ranking.

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